The importance of storytelling in digital marketing. How to use stories to connect with your audience?

Business Storytelling

In a world dominated by screens and short attention spans, brands face the challenge of cutting through the noise and connecting with their audience. The solution lies in the timeless art of storytelling. Storytelling has the ability to engage and captivate, evoking emotions, provoking thoughts, and creating lasting connections. In the realm of marketing, digital storytelling has emerged as a powerful tool, going beyond dry data and statistics to bring information to life through compelling narratives.

The Impact of Storytelling

Storytelling is the act of sharing or narrating a sequence of events or information in a way that resonates with the audience. It utilizes various mediums such as words, visuals, songs, and more to take the audience on a journey. Through storytelling, ideas, emotions, and experiences are shared and understood on a deeper level, leaving a lasting impact on individuals. Whether it’s a bedtime story, a novel, a movie, or an advertisement, storytelling has the power to transport us to different worlds, introduce new perspectives, and forge connections.

The Role of Digital Storytelling in Nepali Market

In today’s fast-paced digital world, brands need to go beyond traditional marketing approaches. Digital storytelling has emerged as a game-changer, enabling brands to transcend data and statistics. By weaving compelling narratives, brands can make their work memorable in an emotional way, helping customers understand their values and establishing a relationship. Digital storytelling breathes life into ideas, transforming them from mere concepts to powerful connections with the right audience.

Storytelling by a Nepali Brand (Wai Wai)

‘Hamro Manma Wai Wai’:Wai Wai, a popular Nepali instant noodle brand, has successfully utilized storytelling in its marketing campaign. With the jingle ‘Hamro Manma Wai Wai’ (‘Wai Wai in our hearts’), the brand has captured the attention and loyalty of Nepali consumers. The timeless 3 minutes long advertisement, which is believed to have been created and aired in Television in 2010, features the different ethnicities of Nepal in their respective ethnic wear, in the part of Nepal they inhabit enjoying Wai Wai in their distinct ways as they smile and sing the Jingle in their ethnic language accompanied by their lively ethnic music. The advertisement ends with the words in Nepali ‘Himal, Pahad, Madesh, Terai, Nepali pariwar ko eutai rojai- Wai Wai. Hamro manma Wai Wai.’ which translates to ‘The Mountain region, the Hilly region, or the Plains, the collective Nepali family has the one and same choice- Wai Wai. Wai Wai in our hearts’, thereby igniting patriotism and celebrating Nepal’s rich culture and unity in diversity whilst creating an emotional connection with the audience. The video of the advertisement can be viewed here.

Storytelling to stand out in Nepal digital marketing industry

To stand out in the digital landscape, brands must do more than create engaging content. They must establish a unique identity and storytelling voice. Digital storytelling provides the perfect platform to showcase a brand’s individuality, presenting a distinct perspective and narrative style. By harnessing the emotional impact of storytelling, brands can carve a niche for themselves and capture the attention of their target audience.

Importance of storytelling for social media marketing in Nepal

The art of storytelling is a potent weapon for marketers in the digital age. By leveraging storytelling’s power, brands can transcend data and statistics, captivating audiences with compelling narratives. Storytelling enables brands to establish authenticity, foster deep connections, and rise above the competition. In a world where consumers seek personal connections, storytelling humanizes brand identities and fosters trust. So, embrace the power of storytelling and let your brand’s voice resonate in the hearts of your customers. Impactful storytelling creates interest, maintains attention, and inspires action.Follow WoM – Marketing on Instagram to enjoy amazing content that is Driven by Data and Powered by Storytelling.


A Kathmandu based Digital Marketing agency Vs. ChatGPT

Imagine that there is a tool that can produce a well-written human-like text to any question in a mere matter of seconds. Fascinating? Intimidating? How would that make you feel?

‘ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence language model that has been trained to understand and generate human-like responses to text-based conversations. It’s designed to interpret natural language input from users and generate relevant, coherent responses to simulate a conversation with a human. In simpler terms, ChatGPT is a computer program that can chat with you like a human and answer your questions or respond to your statements.’ That definition of ChatGPT was given by ChatGPT itself.
We, at WoM Marketing, a Kathmandu-based Digital Marketing agency, decided to put the much-talked-about ChatGPT on a battle against our Content Writer. Will we witness a Knock Out? Read on to find out!

In the red corner

Name of contestant- ChatGPT

Representing- AI language model

Power move– Quickly generates information in a human-like manner
Imprompt for ChatGPT- ‘Share with me the experience on how an individual will feel on the first day of office. Write in an emotional and motivational tone as a personal point of view like it’s written in a journal

Word count for ChatGPT- 247 words

Time taken by ChatGPT- 5 seconds

In the blue corner

Name of contestant- Content Writer of WoM Marketing

Representing/origin- A creative individual based in Kathmandu

Power move- Loves to write. Can write based on her memories, personal experiences, and emotions

Title given to our Content Writer- Write a personal journal entry in an emotional and motivating style on ‘My first day at work’

Word count for our Content Writer- 247 words

Time given to our Content Writer- 1 hour

Ting – ting! The bell rings. Let the battle begin.

ChatGPT Content

Human (Content Writer of WoM Marketing)

A deep breath to loosen a bag of nerves. I exhale with a smile back at the woman in the mirror as I get ready. ‘You’ll be fine,’ I tell her. ‘You’re still the same you.’

Basking in a brand-new warm sunrise, I reach a new place filled with new people. First handshakes, first impressions, first tasks, first everything. We are first-timers of any experience only once and I am a first-timer soaking in this glowing chapter in my life.

A new chapter with excitement, a new thirst for knowledge, and a new hunger to prove myself. A new enthusiasm to be the best, to be MY best, and to honor the expansiveness of gifts that I have been blessed with.

After the firsts settle, the second comes creeping in- the second-guessing. I brush off the ‘what if?

I remember the blessings of my loved ones and own my responsibility to let my light shine and in doing so, allow these new amazing people around me to do the same for as we are liberated from our own fears, our presence automatically liberates others.

A deep breath escapes me. The end of my first day at work welcomes a grateful smile on my face. Clouds of Breath Blue, Sunrise Yellow, New White, Doubtful Grey and Liberating Saffron settle within me. I tell myself, ‘I’m fine. I’m still the same, the same old brand new me with hues of Holi within me.’

Announced by the referee

It seems like ChatGPT, AI-generated content might replace the human writer, however, they both have their own strengths and limitations. It would be wise for us to recognize the unique strengths of both the human writer and ChatGPT AI content and encourage them to work together. ChatGPT AI-generated content is efficient and can help meet the demand for large volumes of content almost instantly while the human writer is able to tap into her memories, her personal experiences, and emotions thereby allowing her to create relatable, creative, and engaging content that can connect with other humans. Her ability to feel a wide range of emotions and sensations makes her uniquely human and cannot be replaced by technology.


Personalization in digital marketing: How to deliver personalized experiences to your audience?

Personalized customer experience refers to providing a specific, tailored experience to each customer through messaging, offers, recommendations, and more. It treats customers as individuals with unique preferences and tastes rather than part of a general audience or even a segment.

Personalization in Marketing

 In 2012, Starbucks decided to honor everyone who walked through the door as an individual. Store partners began to wear name tags on their green aprons. And they started asking customers for THEIR names and writing them on cups. The changes worked: Barista and customer were once again on a first-name basis.

Coca-Cola too enjoyed success when they started printing names on Coca-Cola cans. Coca-Cola’s “Share a Coke” campaign, which saw names like Chris, Alex, and Jess, as well as “BFF” and “Wingman” emblazoned on bottles and cans, is credited for increasing the company’s US soft drink sales by 0.4 percent year-over-year, according to data reported in The Wall Street Journal. The increase came after 11 straight years of dropping sales.

Personalization in Nepali Small Businesses

Nepali small online businesses have also understood the need and the power of personalization. When purchasing a product from a Nepali small online business, most of them will send the purchased product with a ‘thank you’ note. Some Nepali small online businesses take this a step further and include the customer’s name written by hand. One such business is ‘Shine On’ an online-based accessory business in Nepal.

Why is personalized experience important?

 Personalization offers several benefits for businesses, as it plays a significant role in helping organizations retain customers, build trust among audiences, and stay relevant. Deep down, we are all humans who crave acknowledgment and recognition for our unique individuality, and personalization humanizes the buying experience, enabling brands to build connections with consumers.

Firstly, personalization enhances customer engagement by capturing attention and making customers feel valued when the content aligns with their needs and interests. This increased engagement leads to a deeper connection between the brand and the customer.

Secondly, personalization improves conversion rates by providing customers with personalized recommendations and offers that are relevant to them. By eliminating irrelevant content and focusing on what matters most to the customer, conversion rates are significantly higher.

Thirdly, personalization fosters increased customer loyalty by consistently delivering personalized experiences, and building emotional connections with the audience. This emotional bond leads to greater customer retention and advocacy, as loyal customers become brand ambassadors.

Lastly, personalization contributes to higher customer satisfaction by anticipating needs and providing relevant solutions, resulting in a seamless and fulfilling customer experience. Just like seeing our name on a Coke can make the drink feel special, personalized experiences create a sense of connection and make customers feel truly seen and valued.

Personalization in Nepali digital marketing

Personalisation in digital marketing in Nepal can be achieved through various strategies. Personalised email marketing utilises subscribers’ personal information to create targeted emails, providing individualised treatment to customers and significantly improving email marketing metrics. Audience targeting enables businesses to accurately select the audience that will see their ads, leveraging online user behaviour, interests, and purchase patterns. Furthermore, online businesses can offer special benefits based on customers’ interests and shopping history to foster loyalty. Implementing a digital advertising targeting campaign allows companies to effectively connect with their target audience online by focusing on specific demographics, customer locations, or buyer personas, ultimately attracting new customers and generating new business opportunities. These personalised marketing approaches play a crucial role in enhancing customer engagement and driving business growth in the digital landscape of Nepal.